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Hello, and welcome to Team Doggy.

This lovely little website was imagined, created, and brought lovingly into life by Emma, our faithful leader and chief content creator. Oh wait I guess that’s me. (No need to sound like “we” are bigger than we are now huh?)

You might be wondering why Team Doggy when there is only one of you? Good question. You see it takes a team to effectively train dogs. It’s a partnership between you and your dog.

While I am not a professional trainer or veterinarian I have thirty plus years experience with animals of all kinds – especially dogs. Over that time you learn a thing or two.

I have also worked with dog trainers and care workers in animal shelters and rescue centers throughout the years to pick up a few of their tips and tricks to get our furry friends to be the best doggo they can be.

I’ve always been shy, but my personality comes alive around my dogs. That’s probably why I’ve always been a dog person. And animal lover in general.

From iguanas, geckos, frogs, toads, and anoles (think color changing little lizards), to cats, hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits, there have been plenty of furry and not so furry creatures in my life.

Through it all has been my faithful doggos. From childhood friends no longer with us (cockapoos Max and Charlie), to our current pack of three: Pepper (Papillon), Barley (cockapoo), and Mr. Bigshot (yorkie) we’ve shared lots of indoor games, camping trips, and adventures.

From our team to yours, we hope you enjoy the creative dog stories, training tips, and dog care suggestions we bring you at Team Doggy.

Have a pawsome day!

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