Dogs can always get in trouble for being a little too excited about everything. Just ask Sadie, the dog in this story.

She mistakenly upended the recycling bin, scattering its contents all over the floor. It’s bad enough that her hooman mom had to see it, but it’s nothing compared to dad’s reaction.

When dad discovered what his dog did, he immediately went into that serious tone that told Sadie she was in trouble.

At first, she tried to be cute about it. She covered her eyes with her paws and then tried to bury her face in her bed. Her mom was so entertained, but her dad was not happy.

When he continued asking Sadie what she did, the dog gave him a sassy attitude. It’s just one of those things that dogs do that make them feel better when they find themselves in trouble.

Despite his dog’s attitude, dad just couldn’t help but forgive her. In the end, Sadie got a good scolding, but it was all worth it for that moment of laughter.

They say that things need to get worse first before it gets better, and that’s exactly what happened here. Sadie got scolded, but then dad came to her and gave her some body rubs.

He even said that he loves her, and we think that’s something that all dog owners can understand. Even when our pets cause us a major headache, they always find a way to calm us down, don’t they?

We don’t know what dogs have that makes us look past their mischief and give them what they want anyway, but it’s all worth it.

If anyone can tell us why this phenomenon happens, don’t be shy to let your thoughts out in the comments section below.

Dog magic is such a hot topic, and with Sadie’s story still fresh on our minds, it’s worth the discussion!

Credits to BViral via YouTube


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