Haki and Walle Race to Show Who's Fastest

When we’re in our element and aware that we’ll be tested on something we’re strong at, we have a tendency to brag and show off. This really happens, and it doesn’t matter if we admit to it or not.

Walle, a German Shorthaired Pointer, will surely agree. One day, he was set to compete with a Weimaraner named Haki, who is also his friend. He was staying with Haki and his family for a few days, and it was a great thing that they both loved running.

Walle’s fur brother, a Golden Labrador named Zazu, stayed with their mother to witness the race. Dad was coordinating the event, and it was clear that both dogs were eager to begin the game.

Mom and Zazu proceeded further along the path, and then Mom signaled for them to continue. Initially, it appeared that nothing was happening, but then two indistinct figures appeared around the corner.

They proceeded to run so quickly that dust began to rise all around them. Haki was clearly fast, but Walle was faster and appeared more determined to win.

Walle is a trail dog, and his high energy levels are well-known, so this is not unexpected. Mom stated that Walle needs new brakes because he continued to run.

Mom and Zazu were intended to be the end goal. While Haki was aware of this, Walle continued to run. He stopped when he realized Haki was no longer pursuing him. Both dogs competed repeatedly, with Walle prevailing in every round.

Due to the day’s running activities, we’re sure someone was quite sore that night.

Zazu did not accompany his brother and his friend because he was more like his fur mom. He enjoyed strolling, taking in the views, and being relaxed about everything.

It is wonderful to have a friend over occasionally so that Walle has someone to run with. He is typically with his father and the rest of the family, so it was exciting for him to compete against another dog.

Cheers to many enjoyable activities, canines!

Source: Zazu Talks

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