Dog Dreams He IS Eating a Delicious Treat

It’s not really uncommon for some of us to have lucid dreams when we’re weary from a long day. And, on occasion, these dreams feel so vivid that we act on them as if they were real and happening just right in front of us.

During its quiet nap time, a sleeping Dogue de Bordeaux licked furtively. The dog didn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon as he believed he’s eating the best canine cookies ever.

A brown-furred Dogue de Bordeaux rested on its side on the carpeted floor in this funny video. But, as the dog closed his eyes, it appeared that he’s already enjoying a well-deserved nap after a long day.


Instead of snoring or breathing evenly, the puppy’s mouth expanded and closed as if he’s eating something. As if all of this wasn’t really enough, the doggo sped up what his mouth was doing – opening to “chew” on its “meal.”


This situation played out again, with the sleeping dog continuing his lucid dreaming. He continued until he took a little break to swallow whatever he’s eating.

With the way things were looking, the tired canine dreamed about eating doggy cookies. Even though it’s just a dream, the dog thought it’s real because it’s still chewing on those treats.

However, it appeared like the fur parent wanted a closer look at the sleeping dog, as he zoomed in on the dog’s mouth. And, as the dog’s fur parent adjusted the camera’s lens on the pet, the dog resumed munching to continue his feeding spree.

The pup even appeared to be sipping something as he lightly flicked his tongue to imitate licking. But do you suppose the sleeping dog was aware that what he’s going through is just a dream? To find out all about this, you’ll have to complete watching the video clip below.

Source: Rumble Viral

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