Funny dog pics a little doxie and his big brother the Weimaraner

It was a warm Saturday in Lisbon, Portugal not far from the coast. The salty Atlantic air mixed with the enticing aroma of tapas at nearby restaurants. Not as pleasantly, the greasy smell of a McDonald’s down the street brought memories of Chicago. Strange to see (and smell) so far from home.

We had just enjoyed some delicious pastries at a shop down the road. Our bellies full we thought a nice walk to the park to play a bit of frisbee would be a good idea. Since it was a nice balmy day with a bit of a breeze it was a wonderful walk listening to the sounds of a coastal city.

We did our best not to get smooshed flat on the busy Avenue de Republica and stopped to enjoy a respite of green space across from the Instituto de Apoio à Criança, what appeared to be a school of some sort. (later we found out it is a center for victims of childhood abuse, which is rather sad places like that need to exist)

As we wandered the grassy area enjoying the day we noticed a couple of dogs playing in the grass. One big grey Weimaraner and his little Dachshund friend joyfully running back and forth. Well, the Dachshund joyfully ran back and forth, the Weimaraner looked a bit perturbed.

We watched in amazement as the Weimaraner grabbed a big tree branch. He swung it around looking for someone to play fetch with. The little Doxie not to be left out of the fun jumped high in the air (for him) and grasped the short end of the stick in his little mouth.

Even though sticks are not safe chew toys for dogs this one might be a little too big to be a problem.

Branch Manager & Assistant to the Branch Manager

Big ol Weimaraner lifts his brother the Doxie for a game of fetch
They look like such an odd couple but they sure do know how to pose for a picture.

This photo was taken by an unknown photographer in Lisbon Portugal. The story is our day imagined as if we were able to enjoy a fine summer day in Lisbon.

The photo itself has a bit of a controversial background and discussion on Reddit. Is the photo real or is it a fake?

What do you think?

Photo Source: Reddit


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