Dogs with personal space issues

Some dogs just don’t have any respect for personal space. If you have dogs I’m sure you can relate.

We’ve found a few photos of dogs that really take that problem to the extreme. Which one had you rolling on the floor with laughter?

Personal Space Training 101

Oh How Cute! This little guy is so adorable he just wants a little cuddle time with daddy. What’s wrong with a little face time?

This cute Yorkie loves to face cuddle



“Hey a Little Space Here – Don’t Be Such a Bully” Love the look on this Pug’s face. Getting a little tight back here with Mr. T.

Little Pug gets crowded in the back seat


Oh Boy! This guy has no respect for personal space. How would you like to wake up with your nose buried half way up a Pug’s backside…

Back that azz up Pug sits where he wants


This Dog pulls off the 3 count with the face pin. Poor guy didn’t have a chance. Who’s next, you wanna piece of me?
Dog gets the pin for the win


Mommmmmmmmmm! I’m trying to get my homework done but Lucy keeps sitting on my face!
Laptop face sit. Does your dog have no respect for personal space?


Now that’s what happens when Downward Dog goes wrong. Must have been one heck of a yoga session.
Just taking a little nap after some yoga


“Excuse me is this seat taken?” Love the look on the bottom dog’s face. “How humiliating”

Don't mind me I just need to sit for a bit


“Help! What is This Furry Animal Sitting on My Face”
Baby gets a surprise visit from the family dog


Pucker Up Buttercup: This Pit Bull gets a bit frisky in bed. Hope you like your Valentine’s Day smooch!

Pit bull gets a little frisky in bed


No Respect for Personal Space. This dog gets a little up in his business…
Dog gets a little up in his business


Nothing Like Waking Up with a Little Dog Breath. I guess it’s better than swallowing a fly in the middle of the night.

Now that's what I call morning dog breath


What, Who Says You Have To Work? I’m just going to sit here and enjoy a few Youtube videos. You’ve been watching long enough.

Big Lab says it's my turn to use the computer


Hey I’m Watching TV Here. You can get up when my show is over, unless you want to grab that bowl of popcorn I’m busy watching my show.
Big dog couch cuddle


Um, A Little Help Here! Quit hogging the couch, and stop squirming I’m perfectly comfortable

This big guy like a little cuddle time
Dawn Hester


Road Trips Are SO Much Fun. But I’m getting a little sleepy do you mind if I take a quick nap?

Road trips are so much fun with big dogs

Do you have a dog that just doesn’t know the meaning of personal space? We’d love to hear your stories of your lovable pups silly positions.


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