This genius dog helps with household chores

Dogs are intelligent creatures. Yet some dogs can be considered smarter than others. How so? It’s because there’s an IQ test for dogs. Imagine having a dog who scores so high in this test. What would that feel like? This story will give light to that mystery.

Meet Lotto, a tiny dog with a big brain. At first glance, she might seem like an ordinary Maltese, but there’s more to her than it seems. For example, Lotto likes to help around the house by picking up items that were dropped accidentally.

Smart dog takes an IQ test

When Lotto’s owner is cleaning the house, she likes to help too by wiping the floor. Lotto is very observant and will do anything she can to assist her owner.

The husband of the household taught Lotto well. She’s a fast learner, and she can do a lot of tricks. Lotto can play the cups and ball game very well, except instead of a ball, a treat is used.

Lotto can also play dead to get the treats she likes. There are several clips of her during her training, and they display outstanding performances from Lotto. There was even a clip of her spitting out her food when asked to.

Very intelligent Maltese learns to pick the right cup

A vet came by to give Lotto an IQ test for dogs. This is to see how intelligent she really is. Even the vet was surprised to see that Lotto got the score of 38 out of 42. There is no debating the genius that is Lotto.

According to the vet, Lotto can continue to enhance her level of understanding through constant communication. Throughout the interactions, we see Lotto respond quickly to her owners words. The vet suggests ongoing training to improve the dog’s focus.

Lotto is an excellent example of a smart dog with proper training. If you continue to be patient with your dog and train them early, who knows, you might have your very own version of Lotto too.

Smart Maltese aces her IQ test

Original story from SBS TV via YouTube.


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