German Shepherd Saves a Church from a Devastating Fire

German shepherds are renowned for their faithfulness and vigilance. Bear, a German shepherd, is a fine example as he is an outstanding guard dog, just like most dogs of his breed.

Bear is an intelligent and vigilant dog, so when he noticed that his owner’s church was on fire, he acted instantly. The church was saved from complete destruction by Bear’s loud barking and wailing.

Bear’s owner, Kim Lewis, awoke at approximately 12:45 AM to Bear’s howling and barking. She said that Bear sounded frightened, so she quickly suspected that something was up. When she raised her blinds, she observed a fire at the church across the street. The roof and cross of the Yorktown Assembly of God church were consumed by flames.

Bear the German Shepherd Saves the Day

Kim dialed 911 and went across the street to alert the church’s management. Thankfully, firefighters arrived shortly after and began extinguishing the flames.

Bear’s barking and Kim’s prompt response saved the church. The fire destroyed the roof, but the majority of the 50-year-old structure remained intact.

The church was thankfully spared by Bear’s wailing and barking. Because of Bear, the structure is still standing, allowing the church to continue holding services until the management fixes the roof damage. But that is still a good thing given just how much more damage could have happened.

Lisa Wain, the administrator of the church, stated that Bear prevented a catastrophic event. She claimed that because of this, everyone in the church felt grateful and showered Bear with extra affection, toys, and goodies.

Bear deserves genuine kudos for rescuing this beautiful community structure. While the church was still damaged from the fire, and the repairs to the roof will cost tens of thousands of dollars, the church started collecting contributions and will soon begin repairs.

Fortunately, there are people willing to undertake the difficult task of helping with the roof repair.

Source: Eyewitness News ABC7NY

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