Dachshund Helps with Family Takeout

It isn’t strange to hear about a dog that has been trained to fetch a newspaper, or even a pair of slippers, but what about fast food?

Dogs in general do whatever they can to help out their humans. In fact, there is an abundant amount of dog videos on the internet that show these animals go above and beyond to please their human parents who they love so much.

One of these pets is a very special Dachshund, who not only brings a smile to his mother’s face but also to everyone else’s.

Since most restaurants do not allow dogs, eating out is not usually a popular option for dog owners if they want to enjoy a meal with their furry best friend. Takeout then, is typically the only alternative.

When a woman and her dogs went out to get lunch one day, one of her dogs gladly carried the takeaway food back to the house. Fortunately, their next-door neighbor was able to capture the majority of the wonderful scene on camera. It really is so adorable to watch that we are quite happy that the neighbor decided to share the clip with everyone online.

In this cute video, a Dachshund can be seen cheerfully jogging down the sidewalk with a bag from McDonald’s in its mouth. As it turned out, the dog wanted to be very helpful on that particular day, so his mother permitted him to carry their dinner home.

The neighbor who was able to record the entire thing even suggested that it must be the new Uber delivery service in Toronto, to which the dog’s mother responded with a “Yes.” Even as the neighbor passed by, the dog gave him a quick sideways glance, as if proud of his delivery service.

As the dog jogged past the man, the man told the dog that he hopes they will tip him well for his pawsome delivery service. What a cute delivery doggo! I’d order takeaway every day if that dog consistently delivered my food.

Source: ViralHog

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