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Several usual activities got canceled due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The community quarantine is understandable since its goal is to flatten the curve. However, animals do not understand why this needs to be in place. One of which is this Great Dane named Tonka.

Tonka is a longtime therapy pooch who resides in Austin, Texas. Even before the community lockdown, the dog has already gotten used to his weekly routine. This includes weekly visits to residents of local nursing homes.

But due to the quarantine, the dog’s weekly routine needs to be stopped indefinitely. Courtney Leigh, Tonka’s trainer, said that the pooch got saddened by the development. Courtney said that since the pooch got used to the routine, it was difficult for Tonka to veer away from it.

Additionally, Tonka becomes happy each time he brings joy to nursing home residents. Courtney explained to the dog what was happening, but the dog seems hesitant to understand. Courtney then asked the nursing home officers to let the dog meet some of the residents just by the window.

The nursing home officers agreed to this setup. However, Courtney got told by Debi Krakar, the executive director of the Dog Alliance, to stop what she is doing. While Debi understands what Courtney is up to, Debi does not want to compromise the safety of the nursing home residents.

According to Debi, senior residents are more vulnerable to the virus. This is why physical distancing is vital at all times. With the notice she received, Courtney decided to stop going to the nursing home. She understands that she should always protect the health and interest of the senior residents there. It was a difficult decision on Courtney’s part, but she knows it was the most logical thing to do.

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