Border Colie playing: play time for your dog is mentally and physically healthy for them

Did you know that play and exercise in dogs is crucial for their mental health? We know we should spend quality time with our dogs. Playing and exercising with them is one of the ways in which we can do so. It strengthens the bond and keeps both parties healthy. Besides, it’s not only good for your dogs but also a fun time for them.

Oftentimes, our dog’s exercise needs can take a back seat to a lot of things, including work, school and social activities. Missing a play date for one or two days can be bad for your dog.

Dogs are social by nature which makes them an ideal family companion. They’re active and highly intelligent. They were originally bred to meet certain tasks and responsibilities. Imagine how boring it is for your pooch if he is stuck inside the house for long periods while you are at work?

Without an outlet, a bored canine can become destructive. These destructive behaviors may include excessive chewing and digging, hyperactivity, rough play, barking, and whining. Protect your favorite slippers and give them safe toys to chew on.

Dogs that are adequately exercised that also have regular play time with their caregivers are known to be both physically and mentally content.

Five Benefits of Regular Play Time and Exercise

Any physical activity leads to calmness and less anxiety

With all their energy, dogs need to move about to release all this pent up energy. Before dogs were domesticated, they used this energy for hunting prey and to survive which includes lots of running and fighting. Fortunately, dogs of today no longer need to do this.

So if a dog gets his daily dose of physical activity, including exercise and playing, it has positive effects on their well-being. Linda J. Brodzik, a dog behavior specialist, said in her article that playing provides a healthy outlet for our pet’s energy. If we can’t give them this physical need, they will use that energy for mischief.

Mental Stimulation

Daily walks will give your pooch the chance to satisfy his curiosity. It is during his walk time that your dog can sniff and explore his surroundings. What’s more, you get to spend time with him which your pooch loves very much. Since canines are social animals, the walk will give them the chance to meet other dogs, animals and people alike.

Canine play satisfies normal instincts

Before domestication, dogs hunt to survive, and even though it is no longer the case today, they still have their instincts. Games such as tug of war, chasing balls, and fetch will all satisfy their urge to hunt and keeps them mentally stimulated and engaged.

There are many mentally and physically challenging indoor dog games as well as outside activities you can play with your dog to keep him fit.

Great time to bond

Whether it’s a walk around the block or a game of Frisbee, the time you spend with your pooch will strengthen the relationship between you two. A strong human-canine bond can help build trust and respect. So in the event, you forgot to shut the front door, your pooch won’t run away.

If you want to teach him new tricks, your dog will gladly follow because he trusts and respects you.

Besides, playing and exercising with your dogs is not only good for them but for you too.


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