Professional athletes spend their free time in different ways. The Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy chooses to spend his free time saving and adopting dogs. He even went above and beyond to rescue a puppy from a meat farm while competing in another country.

In 2104 during the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Gus stumbled upon dogs that were saved from a dog meat farm. At that time, he witnessed one of the rescued dogs give birth. Then and there, he decided to adopt the puppy that was born.

After five months, Gus successfully brought the puppy to America and named it Birdie. Initially, the dog was shy, refusing to get out of its kennel. It eventually warmed up to Gus after he consistently showered it with love.

Gus had a previous dog named Beemo, also saved from a meat farm. However, Beemo died due to heart disease. Nowadays, Beemo’s old bed and toys are put to good use because Birdie is the one using them.

Birdie turned out to be a very affectionate dog that enjoys cuddles. The dog would often try to chew on Gus’s beard, which is a grooming behavior that indicates affection. She never leaves his side except when he plays the guitar, an activity that the dog dislikes.

Birdie is also fond of Frank, a dog belonging to Gus’s boyfriend. However, Frank is a more reserved dog who doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs. Regardless, The two dogs still get along despite their differences.

Since Gus is an athlete who constantly travels, so his dog is a reason why he looks forward to coming home. No matter where he goes, and regardless of the results of his competitions, Birdie is there to greet him at his door. Furthermore, Gus believes his dog has given him a better perspective and appreciation for life.

Source: Dodo via YouTube.


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