Pit Bulls are often viewed as fierce dogs because they’re notorious for being the top breed choice for dogfighting. This Pit Bull named Jack is proof that there’s a sweet side to them too.

Jack was born with a rare condition that caused his spine to be deformed. This made it very difficult for him to walk. To make matters worse, the weeks-old pittie was left in a ditch by his heartless previous owners.

Fortunately for him, a rescue group called Pits R Us found him. That’s where Heather, Jack’s adoptive mom, found him.

At first, Heather just agreed to foster little Jack. It’s a lot to take on a foster dog, much more a special-needs one at that.

Jack’s condition caused his front legs to curve at an awkward angle, making it challenging for him to walk.

This is where we see the incredible will of both Heather and Jack to make the most out of life. Heather did everything for Jack to help him walk by training and coaxing him with treats.

In return, Jack never faltered and wavered in showing his adoptive mom that he’s gonna get up and try every single day.

The bond between dog and human became so strong that Heather didn’t have the heart to let Jack go.

The thought of Jack leaving her just didn’t sit right, so she adopted Jack. The puppy proved to have the most resilient and happy spirit, delighting everyone who met him.

Jack’s good with other dogs, especially puppies who just want to play! Even with his medical condition, Jack didn’t let it stop him from enjoying life to the fullest.

That’s the kind of fighting spirit all of us should have, and Heather is the kind of support we all need. We’re so happy these two ended up with each other!

Credits to GeoBeats Animals via YouTube

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