Golden Retriever jumping over his dad

Exercising alone will always be boring, but when you have dogs, it will never be. That boring activity becomes an entertaining one – just ask this doggo dad.

Sterling and Colin, two Golden Retrievers, love to jump over their dad while he does a few pushups. The dogs usually leap over dad, but only Sterling consistently manages to successfully do so.

These cute dogs try to jump over their dad


Colin, the younger Retriever, tripped and slid on his dad, landing awkwardly on the floor. Poor Colin fell on his belly, so it’s a good thing dad’s body was there to cushion the dog’s fall.


The Retriever looked so funny as he tried not to let his bruised ego show. He was able to recover his footing, so good for him.

Golden retriever practices his jumping tricks

It was pretty funny to watch Colin try to get his footing back – he looked so ridiculous all sprawled out on the ground. Never mind, doggo, we all had a good laugh, didn’t we?

Sterling went on to successfully clear more jumps over his dad’s planking form. Colin walked around dad instead – he wasn’t gonna risk a fall again. We say that’s a smart way to go, Colin!

Doggos jump over dad while he is doing pushups

We know that fall didn’t hurt, but we understand that your pride might have been ruffled. We could see the look of embarrassment on your face, and we couldn’t blame you.

You certainly made our day and our hearts lighter, though! That’s quite an achievement, believe us.

Golden retrievers having fun with dad

If your dog is anything like Sterling and Colin, you know that they are always up for a good challenge. If we let them handle obstacles the way they want to, they will never fail to entertain.

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Credits to Life of Sterling Newton via YouTube

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