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Brodie, a German Shepherd and Border Collie mix, is a regular dog. He is joyful, playful, and intelligent. However, his face is slightly different from other dogs’ faces but he does not let it worry him.

A young stray dog gave birth to Brodie at the Old MacDonald Kennels shelter in Albert, Canada. His face at that time was normal.

However, the shelter personnel heard a howl and examined Brodie, they discovered that his mother had bitten him. The dog may have been anxious about becoming a new mother, which is why she injured her baby.

The veterinarian believed that the puppy’s wound was relatively superficial. However, when the dog grew larger, his deformed skull and face became evident. To correct that, he would require facial reconstruction surgery. Since his disability did not hinder his capacity to feed and did not pose a threat to his life, they opted to leave him as is.

Brodie had little difficulty being adopted. However, after five months, his owners returned him to the shelter because they could not handle his hyperactivity. He was meant to still meet his forever family, so it all worked out for the best.

The staff of the shelter uploaded images of Brodie online. A woman named Amanda Ritcher fell in love with him after seeing his images. Her boyfriend, Brad Ames, was not too enthused about meeting him. However, after meeting Brodie and spending an hour with him, he realized he wanted to bring him home.

Brodie required attention. They needed to provide eyedrops to his left eye. They also had to supervise his diet, as he would choke on huge food particles.

Amanda and Brad acknowledged that Brodie could be hyperactive at times, but said he was intelligent and could be trained to be quiet. Amanda intended to have him certified as a therapy dog to assist individuals with impairments. In addition, she wished to raise awareness for dogs with specific challenges, such as Brodie, and teach people that difference does not equal unattractive.

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