Easy Valentine's Day dog treats you can make at home #dogtreats #naturaldogtreat
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Cupid Shows His Puppy Love with These Valentine’s Day Dog Treat Recipes

Valentine’s Day is a fun day to treat someone you love to something nice. But why do us humans always get all the attention? Our lovable furry companions would sure appreciate a special Valentine’s Day treat too.

Sorry, no chocolate truffles for these guys, but there are plenty of dog friendly Valentine’s Day treats you can easily whip up in your kitchen. They’ll love you even more if you try some of these wonderful recipes.

Frozen Dog Treats: Heart Shaped Peanut Butter Yogurt Surprise

Peanut butter and greek yogurt Valentine's Day dog treat recipe
© 17 Apart

Our dogs love it when the ice maker gets a little aggressive and shoots out extra ice chunks. When they hear the clatter of ice hit the wood kitchen floor they come snooping for a treat.

What better way to treat your ice loving pups than make up some Valentine’s Day frozen dog treats.

This wonderfully delicious looking frozen dog treat comes from 17 Apart. They spruced up the treats by using a heart shaped ice tray – perfect for treating your dogs to a special Valentine’s surprise.

We love natural dog treat recipes, too many of the dog treats you find in the store are just not good for your dog. But these hearts are all natural! In fact there is only two simple ingredients: peanut butter and greek yogurt.

They are really simple to make but if you want the complete run down head on over to 17 Apart for the full recipe and instructional photos.

Strawberry, Banana, Yogurt Valentine’s Day Dog Treat

Easy Valentine's Day dog treats you can make at home #dogtreats #naturaldogtreat
© Golden Daily Scoop

While we have the heart shaped ice mold out let’s take a look at another yummy frozen dog treat idea. This yummy dog friendly treat comes from the Golden Daily Scoop.

Think of this yummy goodie as a smoothie for your dogs. All you need is a blender, ice tray, bananas, yogurt and strawberries. When blended the strawberries make these heart shaped dog treats perfect for Valentine’s Day with the nice pink color.

In fact there is no reason we can’t eat them too because they are simply a blend of fruit and yogurt. The best dog treat is one you can share with your dog after all. (Let’s just try to refrain from recreating the Lady and the Tramp scene with your dog though – that’s maybe a bit too far.)

Again these simple dog treats you can make yourself are easy to make but you should really go check out the Golden Daily Scoop for the original post, pictures and three beautiful Golden Retrievers these lovely treats were first created for.

Pleasantly Plump Pumpkin Valentine’s Day Dog Treat

Easy pumpkin dog treat recipe to spoil your dog with a natural dog treat
© Cook Eat Go

Some dogs don’t like overly sweet treats so fruit based treats don’t go over as well. These are a nice alternative when your dog wants something a little more hearty. Plus pumpkin is fantastic for dogs that need a little extra fiber (especially good if your dog gets the butt scoots on your new white carpet).

Another recipe with simple natural ingredients. All you need is flour, pumpkin, egg and peanut butter. If you want a gluten free dog treat you can use alternate flours such as coconut flour, banana flour or even non glutenous grain flours like buckwheat, quinoa or rice flour.

This fun recipe was originally shared by Cook Eat Go using adorable bone shaped cookie cutters, but you could pick up some of these Valentine’s Day heart shaped cookie cutters to fit the holiday of doggy love (and people too I suppose).

This recipe takes a little baking because of the egg but is still pretty easy to do. You can get the step by step directions and meet their adorable dog Bentley on their website.

Gone to the Snow Dogs Valentine’s Day Gummy Dog Treats

In our search for Valentine’s Day dog treat ideas these gummies for dogs was an interesting one. Made with strawberries and gelatin this recipe is an easy one to make as well. They wiggle and jiggle just like the good ol Knox Blocks we used to have as kids.

We break out our trusty silicone heart shaped molds again for this one in celebration of the day. The nice thing about this easy recipe is that it doesn’t have any added sugar or fillers like you might find with store bought dog treats.

Some dogs might not like the texture of the gelatin so might need a little bit of convincing. A good suggestion made in the video is to use a little bit of chicken broth to entice your dog with the savory goodness of chicken.

Check out the fun preparation of this special Valentine’s Day dog treat creation from Gone to the Snow Dogs below. Don’t forget to say hi to their beautiful Husky family as well.

4 Simple Valentine's Day dog treats you can make to show your dog you love them #dogtreats #valentinesday #diy



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