Stray pups always long for a warm and loving home—a home where they could feel safe and happy. Sadly though, many pups are still left wandering on the streets. We hope that one day all pups will have a family just like Suzy.

Suzy was a stray pup who walked into a random person’s house in Philadelphia. Suzy was malnourished and cold, so she was searching for a comfy place to rest. Fortunately for the pup, Jack Jokinen, the homeowner, unintentionally left his front door a little open.

A strong wind blew the door wide open, which made it possible for Suzy to enter the house. When the pup entered, she immediately looked for ways to heat herself. And without knowing about the pup, a kind neighbor closed the door behind her.


When Jack and his family saw the 9-year-old dog in their house, they didn’t hesitate to care for her. They soon adopted Suzy and are encouraging others to do the same. Suzy might have just been looking for a shelter that day, but without knowing, she gained a family by entering a home.


Suzy was in bad condition, so the family made sure she got the treatment she needed. Many people also helped her out by donating for her medical bills. And in no time, Suzy and her family were able to raise $40,000 for her recovery through generous donations.

They are very grateful for everyone who helped them, so they decided to help others too. Suzy recovered fast and had a lot of money left from the donations. So Jack and his family invested $10,000 to 100 dog adoptions.

One hundred people who are willing to adopt a pup will receive $100 from Jack and Suzy. This will help the adopters get started with having a new member of their family. This will also encourage people to adopt more.

Anyone who is thinking of adopting a pup can be considered for the donation after filling a form from Suzy’s website. Jack has always enjoyed reading dog adoption stories, so he is even happier now that he is helping those dogs get adopted. And thanks to Suzy’s story, many people are also encouraged to adopt more pups.

People from around the globe also make sure to let Jack know that his kindness is commendable. Jacks gets many messages of praise and thanks. Not all strays are as fortunate as Suzy was, but they could be if people adopted more.

Credits to Suzyn Pupman

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