Abandoned puppy saved from the cold

A mother and her son were strolling past a nearby park when they unexpectedly saw something wrapped in a cold, wet, blanket. There were two puppies — weak, emaciated, and hardly moving at all. Thinking on their feet, they immediately rushed the pups to the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), a non-profit organization based in California. Unfortunately, one puppy did not make it alive.

The other pup who was later named Petey was barely hanging on to his life. They were uncertain if he was even going to make it out the next day. Because Petey was almost as cold as ice, the staff in charge quickly provided him with fluids that improved his blood sugar levels.

On top of his current urgent condition, he was ringworm positive and had some form of lacerations on both his neck and chin. When Petey was stable enough, the caretakers observed he would always trip and fall over and just could not walk or stand on his own.


After some tests, it turned out that he was also suffering from Cerebellar Hypoplasia, wherein a part of his cerebellum in charge of coordination and controlling fine motor skills lacked development.


Because of the passionate staff of Sacramento SPCA, the long days of rehabilitation and everyday scheduled physical therapies rewarded Petey with recovery. Now, he is able to eat, walk, and live his life without any assistance.

The dedication of Petey’s caretakers was above and beyond because he finally got his happy ending – being adopted into a loving home by a sweet couple. They cherish him, shower him with unconditional love, cuddles, and playtime for as long as time allows them to, despite being a not-so-regular dog himself.

Watch this video of Petey from the viral post on Facebook:

Petey is Ready for Adoption!

Petey is ready for his home!This 2 month old Bully mix has cerebellar hypoplasia. What does that mean? Well, he's not super coordinated and it takes him awhile to get where he needs to go. This condition is permanent, but animals tend to learn to compensate over time. He'll need a home that can keep him safe and secure and willing to go the distance. Interested? Fill out an application here: sspca.org/post/matchmaker-form

Posted by Sacramento SPCA on Monday, January 9, 2017

Source: Sacramento SPCA via Facebook


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