This playful German Shepherd only wanted to give his mom kisses

Dogs will always be sources of undiluted joy. Take this German Shepherd who showered his human with so many kisses that she couldn’t help but block them.

It’s hilarious to see the dog’s disbelief and a dash of hurt in his eyes. After all, what kind of human would stop sweet kisses that are his professions of pure loyalty and love?

Playful German Shepherd only wanted to give kisses

Yep, another dog fell into a human trap that day. Since we, humans, are natural pranksters, we love playing around with emotions. It may be quite hard to admit for some, but we do get a kick out of genuine dog responses.

This incredible German Shepherd growled his frustrations out, but he didn’t stop giving smoochies to his mom.

He Just Couldn't Help But Gve His Mom Smoochies

The delighted owner giggled at her pet’s actions, although she continued blocking those wet and sloppy kisses. Since the furball could not reach this pet owner’s face, he contented himself with kissing his mom’s hands instead.

He wasn’t very happy with mom’s behavior that day, so he let her know it by growling and snarling louder. It’s a good thing they both knew it was just play fighting.

Playing Rough Over Some Puppy Kisses

We bet this dog wanted to change all that at that moment. He chose to still be a good boy despite his size. He squeezed, shimmied, and worked his snout in to give mom his precious loving licks. Watch his playful, protective German Shepherd tail curl in delight.

He knew that mama was playing a trick on him but he couldn’t understand why. We know, we know, pet. We apologize for what happened there because as you know, humans love a good prank.

This German Shepherd Finally Got What He Wanted - Mommy Kisses

We hope that your mom made it up to you later in the day. Make no mistake, she loves you and that’s not gonna change.

Expect this kind of teasing every now and then, and perhaps you’d get used to it one day. Thanks for this hilarious story, and we sure look forward to seeing many more from you guys!

Credits to BViral via YouTube

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