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A woman’s life was forever changed when she was given the opportunity to sample a pair of eSight glasses that restore sight to the visually impaired.

Mary Sedgwick was finally able to see for the first time her guide dog and best friend Lucy after using eSight glasses to greatly improve her vision. Sedgwick had barely completed medical school when she lost both her sight and her profession. It was a devastating thing for her but it was something that she knew she had to learn to live with.

She survived the next years by learning Braille and working with a guide dog. However, the dog died abruptly of cancer, and she never truly overcame her feelings of isolation and melancholy.

This is when Lucy came into the picture. Leader Dogs for the Blind, which is an amazing group that trains guide dogs, paired Sedgwick and Lucy, and the two rapidly developed an extraordinary bond. Mary gained confidence and a best friend in the dog, and she started giving motivational speeches across the country. Together, they were able to negotiate any airport or public transit system necessary to reach their next appointment.

Now, Dr. Sedgwick is using her tale to seek funds for two pairs of the high-tech spectacles, one for herself and one for a vision-impaired individual in need. She said that no words are enough to really explain how she felt when she saw her beloved friends and family for the first time because of these glasses. She also shared just how much her heart felt warm and full when she also saw for the very first time Lucy’s beautiful and soulful eyes.

Sedgwick is more than happy to share the experience to let people understand how great it feels to really see the world. She wants to share this because since wearing one, the future and the possibilities really seem endless.

Source: Caters Clips


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