Dog buys cookie with leaf

Dog pays for cookies with leaves and it’s the most adorable thing to watch

It is widely known that our furry best buds are some of the smartest animals to ever walk the planet, but not all doggos are created equal. Some puppers simply stand out because they are geniuses, and this makes them internet celebrities. Thanks to social media, we get to read and hear about them even if they are far away from us.

One of those super-smart doggos that were adored by netizens around the globe is this black pooch from Monterrey, Colombia. The doggo lives inside the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey campus, and the school’s staff officially adopted her many years ago.

dog pays for cookie with leaf

Having a campus dog isn’t exactly out of the ordinary, but what makes this pooch unique is the fact that he was able to figure out how to buy cookies from the cafeteria, sort of.

The students at the school would always give this friendly pooch some cookies, and it quickly became his favorite snack. What people didn’t know was that the doggo was watching them as they bought the yummy treats. It didn’t take long for the pupper to realize that the people at the cafeteria would hand over the cookies if they were handed over that piece of paper which was, of course, money.

smart dog gets a cookie with a leaf

Understandably, the doggo had no idea what money was, so he thought that the students were paying with leaves! As the popular and old adage goes, money does not grow on trees, but for this pooch, it definitely does.

The cookie-loving canine would stand up and put his front paws on the cafeteria counter and hand over the leaf in exchange for cookies. The first time that the pooch did it, everyone’s heart simply melted, and, of course, they gave him the snacks that he was purchasing with the leaves.

This became a daily routine for the doggo and the staff, and they let him “buy” the cookies with the leaves twice a day.

Credits: Facts Box

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