When it comes to resourcefulness, the canine community takes the top spot. They may not be able to do a lot of things humans could, but they make the most of what they can.

This dog who lives in France is proof. He’s one of the fortunate ones who’s provided for and loved by his very own human family.

Like many household pets, this doggo finds himself wandering into the kitchen often. We couldn’t blame him because his sniffer usually finds wonderful smells from delicious food in there.

On this day, the kitchen camera captured him doing something so human-like. This pet was probably thirsty, so he wandered into the dining area where he saw a glass of water on the table.

He immediately hopped on the table with his front paws, and then took the glass with water in his mouth. The action was so effortless that we half expected him to get the glass with his paws.

Thanks to technology, we’re able to see stuff that otherwise would have remained a secret forever. The canine community’s resourcefulness was showcased in this video, courtesy of this doggo.

Resourceful pet

The pet then casually walked away, the glass of water resting securely in his mouth. He didn’t want any of that hydrating liquid to go to waste, so he handled it carefully.

We’re not sure why this dog was so thirsty, but we’re happy he was able to find a way to address his needs. If our dogs could handle glasses like that, we wouldn’t mind leaving them on our tables.

Thanks for sharing this clip with us. It gave us a glimpse of how dogs behave when we’re not around, and also, it reminded us to always leave enough water for our house pets.

Congratulations on that awesome glass handling, doggo!

Credits to ViralSnare Rights Management via YouTube

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