Buddy the dog driving away in his car

When a dog becomes part of the family, we do everything in our power to make them feel included and secured inside our homes. We care for them as we do with the rest of our family members. We take them to the doctor when they are sick and make sure that they are healthy.

Buddy the dog driving away in his car

But, there will come a time when our dogs will no longer be the playful and active creature around the house. They will be at an age when they will need our support more. Terri, the owner of Buddy, understands this, and she has found a way to ensure that her pup still enjoys life even when he’s a senior.


Buddy, being in his senior years, can no longer see or hear properly. It makes it hard for the little pup to move around. He can no longer go on walks with Terri nor play around like he used to. But, Terri will not let the last few years of Buddy be full of gloom.


She had devised a way for the senior dog to move around and go on walks so he can enjoy the fresh air around town. Terri has given Buddy a little car that he rides around the path. Buddy now takes his walks in style.

Buddy gets a ticket for driving too fast

That was how Officer Lynda Giblett found Buddy. The officer said they were out on patrol around Heidelberg West in Victoria, Australia, when they spotted Buddy. They had to stop him. Giblett noted that the pup was caught red-handed – driving under the influence of cuteness.

Buddy the senior dog gets caught driving his car

Giblett said they couldn’t believe what they saw; it was a cute pup out for a joyride in a small car. Of course, he wasn’t doing the driving himself. Terri was close behind and manoeuvering the tiny vehicle using a remote control. It turned out Buddy wasn’t driving without a license. He made the kind officers’ day, though.

Thanks to the Victoria Police on Facebook for sharing the adorable story!

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