Rescue dogs become the rescuers by saving wild cats

Most people want well-behaved dogs. As such, it is a red flag to some people when a dog starts to become aggressive. But what these people fail to consider is why these dogs become hostile. There must be a history of why these pooches became that way.

Good thing, many people and institutions are patient enough to give all dogs a chance to better themselves. While some dogs show aggression, these institutions do not judge them right away. Instead, they try to track down the history of why the dog became that way.

This narrative is true to these four dogs, namely Dougal, Elliot, Alan, and Pepper. The four dogs showed aggression when volunteers from the Purposefully Lost tried to rescue them. The four dogs were stray, so this explains why the dogs acted that way.

Even with their aggressive behavior, the volunteers did not give up on the dogs. The volunteers believe that there are no perfect dogs, and these include the four dogs they rescue. This explains why the volunteers were so patient in correcting Dougal, Elliot, Alan, and Pepper’s behavior and attitude.

After several months of training and distressing, the four dogs were able to change their ways. Eventually, these four former hostile dogs became rescuers in their own rights. During the training, the volunteers noticed that the four dogs are equally smart. This made the volunteers believe that the four dogs are clear cut for becoming scent dogs to track down black-footed cats in Karoo, South Africa.

After their training, Dougal, Elliot, Alan, and Pepper developed their kind of leadership. Now that they have changed their attitudes, the four dogs are starting to rescue the deadliest cats in the world. With their sharp senses, the four dogs know how to track down these cats who are trapped or lost in the woods.

The boys are back in town 😎🐕🐕! Elliot (in the background) and Dougal (foreground) are waiting for that ball to drop ⚽👀….

Posted by Purposefully Lost Conservation Courses and Dog Handling on Thursday, March 5, 2020

Credits to Purposefully Lost Conservation Courses and Dog Handling.

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