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Dogs are resilient animals, and we have heard stories about the resiliency of dogs several times in the past. Even if some dogs faced abuses, they managed to overcome these abuses and still thrive. But most of all, dogs do not know how to complain despite difficulties and challenges.

This is what this dog named Shohei exuded even after he got hit by a car. The incident left him injured. After the incident, the vehicle left the dog dying on the road. Fortunately, the dog was a fighter and showed grit even during the time of adversity.

With his condition, Shohei got surrendered at a local animal shelter where he sought refuge. But because of the severity of the dog’s injury, the shelter asked help from One By One Animal Advocates, a rescue group.

The local animal shelter shared with the rescue group what happened to Shohei. After learning about the dog’s ordeal, the volunteers from the rescue group immediately helped. The first thing they did was post the dog’s story on their Facebook page to bring awareness to people.

Soon enough, donations poured in for the dog’s treatment. Since there was enough donation for Shohei’s rehabilitation, the rescue group brought the dog to an animal clinic. At the clinic, Shohei underwent various tests, including a complete neuromuscular exam.

According to the vets who checked on the dog, Shohei suffered from a compressed disc in his back. The dog’s condition deteriorated because of the long wait before he was brought to the veterinary clinic.

Even with his condition, the rescue group did not give up on Shohei. They said that the dog was fighting, so they would not stop fighting for him. Since it would be challenging for Shohei to walk normally again, he is now supported by a custom wheelchair.

The rescue group ensured that the custom wheelchair would help Shohei navigate life. Despite the many challenges that Shohei faced, he is now thriving in a loving community.

Credits to CUDDLY.


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