Man rescues 300 stray dogs from a hurricane

When a terrifying hurricane struck the Yucatan Peninsula, hundreds of lives were at stake. Unable to shield themselves from the unfolding disaster, numerous stray animals wandered the city in search of help. Luckily, a brave man opened his home to save the poor strays in need.

Capeless hero

Ricardo Pimental was a massive animal lover that dedicated his life to rescuing animals. In 2011, he founded his rescue and rehabilitation center for animals called the Tierra de Animales (Land of Animals). It was a small rescue shelter, but Ricardo had big plans for it.

Ever since he heard of hurricane Delta, Ricardo’s main priority was all the dogs housed at his shelter. He worried about how he to help them all, so he came up with different plans.


The shelter was only the beginning of his problems. He knew that he also needed to provide adequate food for the dogs throughout the calamity. Thankfully, endless donations poured in from the fellow animal lovers in the city.


Since the food issue was solved, the next step was figuring out how Ricardo would manage all the stray dogs in his care. Then the craziest idea came to his mind: he opened his own home for all the shelter dogs.

One big family

Hours before the dreaded hurricane, Ricardo and his family worked hard in leashing the dogs one by one and taking them into their home. It was quite the challenge, but all the dogs loved Ricardo and easily trusted him.

Besides the three hundred dogs situated inside, Ricardo also took in a flock of sheep, dozens of cats, tiny chicks, and bunnies. Even though it seemed chaotic, Ricardo felt relieved knowing all the animals were safe.

Ricardo’s heroic act sparked interest across animal lovers around the world. They applauded his bravery and selflessness in helping the poor animals that needed help. Because of this, his shelter raised a lot of money to help more shelter animals.

Photo Source: Ricardo Pimentel via Facebook

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