No matter how well-behaved and obedient our little fur babies are, we can never deny that dogs are still occasionally naughty. They would often steal food left unattended on the counter. They would also make a mess of things whenever you leave them alone in the house.

But if there’s an award for the most amusing naughty pooch, this little dog from Brazil will surely take home the crown. Luna is generally a happy-go-lucky pup. She can make you fall in love with her with just a simple flash of her smile.

When she met Anna Carolina Lima and her soon-to-be husband, she used her charm to capture the couple’s heart. Well, frankly speaking, who would not adore this bundle of joy? Luna was such a delight to have around the house.

Dog steals grandmas dentures and steal the show

But just recently, she gave the couple another reason to make her love her more. Anna brought her to her grandma’s house that day. Luna, being the vibrant, jolly pooch that she is, wasted no time in winning over Anna’s grandma, and the two immediately hit it off.

Seeing that Luna was comfortable enough to be left alone with her grandma, Anna thought of leaving the house to go on errands alone. By the time she left, her grandma had gone off to take a nap, slipping her dentures under the pillow for safekeeping.

What Anna and her grandma didn’t know was that the dentures weren’t safe at all, especially with naughty Luna around. Upon waking up, her grandma immediately searched for the false teeth, only to be confused that it wasn’t where she last saw them.

Anna’s mom and grandma searched the house together to no avail. When Anna learned of this, she knew exactly where the teeth were. And when she came home, Luna was weirdly smiling, with the dentures in her mouth!  Just look at her adorable, innocent smile here.

#ReaViralPERRITA 🐶 SE ROBA DENTADURA POSTIZA DÉ LA ABUELA 👵🏻 y conquista el corazón y la sonrisa de cientos de…

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