Beautiful Weimaraner helps clean up the beach

Dogs are not only good at staying loyal and keeping strangers out of the house. They also make an excellent environmental activist. This smart Weimaraner hailing from Glenelg, Scotland is one of those doggy tree huggers.

Meet Loli, the adorable pooch who made it her life mission to free the UK beaches of trash and plastics. This Weimaraner lives with her parents, 60-year-old Yan Balewicz and 54-year-old Trish Brewster. Trish is a huge animal lover, and whenever she spots a dead seal near their seaside home, her heart breaks into pieces.

The seals usually die because of the plastic trash thrown in the ocean. So about six years ago, she finally decided to be an Earth warrior and gather up all the rubbish she sees whenever she walks Loli by the beach.


Weimaraner helps pick up plastic from the beach


She would pick up empty water bottles and take them home to recycle them. Whenever the couple is out at sea on their boat, she would literally go out of the way to pick up any visible rubbish floating in the waters.

What she didn’t know was that Loli was silently watching her all the time. Eventually, the pup mimicked her recycling habit and started picking up the trash as well. She would fill about a bag of trash every single day she is out of the house.

She even made it to a point where she would jump into the water whenever she accompanies her parents out at sea. No matter how far away the floating rubbish is, she would go the extra mile to retrieve it.

This thirteen-year-old pooch has shown us so much compassion for the environment that her parents are proud of what she has accomplished so far. Trish is also encouraging people to follow the footsteps of her beloved dog, saying that if Loli can do it, surely anyone can too. Watch how dedicated this little pup is.

Courtesy of Caters Clips

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