Little Dog Likes to Start Fights

No dog owner likes seeing their dogs fight or harm each other. Yet sometimes, even the friendliest pets can get into altercations. For example, one small dog living in South Korea likes to start fights whenever its owner is on the phone.

Bokdong and Gooreum are small and harmless-looking dogs. Both dogs are quiet most of the time and rarely give their owner something to worry about. However, all hell breaks loose whenever the owner goes on a phone call.

Bokdong would always be the one initiating a fight. As soon as he hears a phone ring, he would go to Gooreum and bite her tail. Of course, Gooerium would always retaliate, but she’s never the one who initiates. What do you do when dogs in your household fight?


Well, you phone a friend…


One time the owner asked her friends to come over for an experiment. They wanted to see if Bokdong would react if other people were on the phone inside the house. After passing the phone around during a call, it was clear that Bokdong only cared if his owner was the one on the phone.

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Since the owner had no idea how to address the problem, a vet came to her house to help her. The vet observed the dogs for a while and came to an insightful conclusion. Bokdong starts a fight because he wants to get his owner’s attention.

Whenever the owner gets occupied with a phone call, Bokdong feels abandoned and betrayed. He accidentally discovered that, by initiating a fight, he gets attention back to him. The problem with this habit is that it’s not healthy and needs to be stopped.

The vet provided an action plan to follow, preventing Bokdong from continuing his bad behavior. Whenever the owner was on the phone, Gooreum was placed inside an enclosure. At the same time, Bokdong was fed treats to distract him.

Bokdong was slowly conditioned to think that phone calls bring good things. He slowly realized that he didn’t have to start fights. All he had to do was wait for the phone call to be over.

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Source: SBS TV Animals via YouTube.

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