What These New Shoe Owners Really Think


Scout (red shoes) : “Hey these are pretty comfortable. Look at my new Jordan’s. I don’t know what you guys are laughing at you should see how stupid you look in those Christmas sweaters.”

Ray Ray (yellow and silver shoes) : “Oh Yeah! These bad boys make me look fit. Look at how streamlined they are. I bet you can’t do this, or this. Come on tubby let’s go for a run.”

Funny little pup tries on shoes for the first time


Angela (black and white shoes) :”Go for a walk? Heck no I just got me some dancing shoes! Look at these moves, baby! Forget the two step I’m laying down the four step!”


Dr. Grey (orange and black shoes) : “I love orange – orange is the new black don’t ya know. A little tight though. I gotta stretch these out a bit before we race. Just give me a moment…”

Alexa (red and black shoes) : “Santa really did read my letter! I bet these can make me fly….. Look I’m a Reindeer!!!! Oops lost one – a little help here, I have to help deliver presents.”

Lucy (grey and white shoes) : “RUN, YES I WANNA RUN. Hold up a bit, um I think you have these on backward. What’s so funny? – I’ve got a real issue here. Yes, definitely something wrong with these. Maybe you have to pump them up first – I think I’ve got a flat.”

Goldilocks (red shoes) : “Hot coals, Hot coals!

Dollie (pink shoes) : “Stop laughing this is serious! You aren’t going to get in shape just laughing – you have to work at it. Now look closely this is how you do yoga. Eyes up here guys, come on. Now you try.”

Pink dog shoes worn for the first time

Sam (red and black shoes) : “Tip-toe through the window. By the window, that is where I’ll be. Come tip-toe through the tulips with me. Come on Tiny Time show me your moves!”

Rocco (blue and yellow shoes) : “I hope you have a gift receipt for these. Obviously the wrong size, I have dainty feet dontcha know. BALL! Oh there we go floppy socks won’t stop me now.”

Nibbles (tan and white shoes) : “Oh look at these! Now that’s Hygge – these feel so cozy, whoops a little slippery there. You didn’t see that did you?”

Well there you have it. Our eleven celebs interviewed giving their own thoughts on their new shoes. Note: some names changed to protect the innocent.

Have you given your dog shoes? We’d love to hear some funny stories.


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