Having a pet doggo in your life definitely makes it more meaningful. Unfortunately, a dog’s lifespan is pretty short compared to ours, so we can’t expect them to be the same energetic pup after a decade. Once our pooch becomes a senior dog, we can expect them to start showing signs of aging.

Arthritis is among the most common issues that senior pups face. Once our elderly furball is diagnosed with this ailment, we can expect less activity from them. Sadly, less physical activity can sometimes lead to depression. So it’s up to us to bring them back to life. Just like this elderly Italian man named, Tonino Vitale.

Tonino has a senior doggo named Dylan. The two went viral after Tonino’s neighbor captured a video of the man hauling his fur baby and helping him get around. Sabrina la Grotteria was touched when she was Tonino’s kindness. So she decided to share the sweet moment with the world.

These neighbors from the city of Vibo Valentia, aren’t that close, so Sabrina didn’t know much about Tonino and Dylan, apart from the fact that they love each other so much. Luckily for the rest of us, the Italian media interviewed the dog dad after Sabrina’s video went viral on Facebook.

Tonino shared that since his fur baby could no longer walk on his own, they stopped taking walks. He used to take Dylan on walks around the neighborhood every day. Since they could no longer do it due to the pup’s condition, Dylan started falling into depression.

Tonino’s heart was broken at the sight of his doggo being sad. So he created a cart that would allow him and Dylan to go out on walks. Granted, the pooch will just be laying down on the cart, but at least he gets to see the outside world again. Tonino confirmed that his pooch started to show signs of life again. Hopefully, dog parents around the globe would be inspired to do the same for their senior pups.

Credits: Zoo Land

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