Golden Retriever Shows off His Silly Expressions

They say that in every relationship, there’s always a mature one that steers it. In human and dog relationships, it’s safe to say that humans are the mature ones.

While that’s mostly the case, it’s not always so. This Golden Retriever named Tucker couldn’t agree more.

Tucker shows off his funny expressions


He is famous on social media for being a handsome dog that reacts like a human. His mom named Linda is equally famous for her on-point captions.


These two are consistent servers of positive vibes, so it’s no wonder they have garnered a worldwide following.

Dog Shows off His Silly Expressions

On this day, Linda was having an off day. She wanted to just stay on the couch and massage her pet’s chin and chest.

The problem with that was, Tucker wasn’t in the mood for that kind of chill that day. He wanted mom to get up and bring him his breakfast so we could go about his day.

Tucker the Golden Retrievers Many Expressions

Tucker gave Linda the look to tell her what he wanted. The problem was, she played dumb. Linda could get really annoying when she’s in that mood, so Tucker braced himself.

She was a sweet lady but sometimes, she doesn’t act like a parent at all. It’s part of what he loved about her, but she gets on his nerves sometimes.

This Golden Retriever Shows When he Has Had Enough With His Funny Expressions

Linda then started to massage Tucker’s chest and chin. The dog didn’t want that, and Linda knew. She kept on giving those body rubs anyway.

The exasperated Tucker could only move his head away after looking at Linda with his eyes. This girl could really test his inner gangster.

Golden Retriever Shows off His Silly Expressions

Linda said that she could stay that way forever. Tucker must have thought, well, she could, but not on this day.

We’re not sure if Tucker got the breakfast he needed immediately, or if it took Linda a while. Either way, the pet still served all the hilarious feels we needed, so thanks, bud!

Credits to Tucker Budzyn Shorts via YouTube

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