Sometimes there are just things that we want to do, but we can’t. A golden retriever named Zazu found that out one day.

Zazu’s brother, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Walle, was going with dad on a mountain biking trip at the Joaquin Miller Park.

It’s a regular event for Walle since he’s a trail dog, but Zazu couldn’t keep up with the speeds. Golden Retrievers are not made for that, so even if the golden boy wanted to, he couldn’t.

He watched as his brother, dad, and his buddies mounted their bikes to go on their trail. When mom called him, Zazu walked the way his brother and dad took.

Mom had to firmly explain to her pet that they were taking a different path. It was still in the mountains, but they were taking a walking trail, not a biking one.

We could tell that Zazu was disappointed, and it took a while before he grudgingly went with mom. In situations like this, dogs don’t have much of a choice but to obey.

Fortunately, the forest was beautiful, and he and his mom had a grand time together. He probably wondered where his brother and dad were at the moment, but he didn’t worry.

He knew that his brother would take care of dad, and he was here, taking care of mom. The way Zazu saw it, they were both doing their jobs brilliantly.

You’re not wrong, Zazu. You’re certainly being helpful and you’re providing mom the protection she needs.

Your brother’s doing the same and in the grand scheme of things, you’re still both working as a team. Excellent work, keep it up!

Perhaps the next time they go biking, you and Walle could go together. It should be a beginner’s trail so that you won’t get too tired.

We hope you enjoyed your day and exchanged wonderful stories before bedtime. Here’s to more outdoor fun in the future!

Credits to Zazu Talks via YouTube


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