Happy Golden Retriever playing a game of tag #happydog

This Golden Retriever has a blast running back and forth at the vets’ office sporting a comfy new pair of shoes.

Pretty spry in those shoes I must say too – have you seen most dogs when you slip on a pair of doggie shoes? Not that graceful. Most look like they are walking on hot coals – hot – hot, hot hot potato!

I can only imagine how much fun she is having at this vet – normally a place most dogs are a bit leery of. But not this Goldie – she’s having a blast running back and forth greeting the doctors and other guests.

What a beautiful coat too, you can just feel the love she shows those around her. A good sign she spends a lot of time in a loving home.

Rope in hand she sprints back and forth training for a 5k perhaps. 🙂

Just by watching the video you can’t really tell the backstory or what she is thinking but here are ten possibilities.

What is your favorite? Or possible suggestions?

10 Possible Reasons This Dog is Happily Running Back and Forth

1. Training for the puppy 5k (okay we already said that but we’ll say it again)

2. Thinking “where’s that treat, I know it’s here somewhere, there is always a treat… don’t be stingy people I’m a good dog!”

3. “Look at my new shoes! See my shoes. They are red. I like red. Do you like red? See em see em huh?”

4. “Come on the vet isn’t looking let’s go for a run, you? you? Someone please run with me!”

5. “Tag You’re it! No, tag you’re it! Tag you are still it! I love indoor dog games yipeeee!”

6. “Hey, what was in that shot? I thought I was getting the kennel cough shot, but I think that was straight B12 … I feel HaPpY!!!!!”

7. “Oh I love these people! These are my people, I missed you soon much!”

8. “Hey, where’s the bathroom! Is it here? Or here? Come on let a Golden Retriever in need go to the bathroom already!”

9. “Another clean bill of health mommy! See I don’t even need my teeth brushed. I told you I don’t need those gross dental treats.”

10. “I’m freeeeeeeeeee, boy that car ride was a long one. And you didn’t even let me stick my head out the window – meanie!”

11. “Run, run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!”

Golden Retriever puppy plays at the vets office with her new shoes #funnydog

No matter the reason she is so happy we hope this quick puppy video has made your day. Her happiness is sure contagious isn’t it?

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