Poor dog just wanted something sparkly to remember his mom

A woman from South Africa placed her engagement ring on her coffee table. When she walked back into the living room, she suddenly couldn’t find it anymore. The woman looked around and tried to figure out what happened. Then, she noticed Pepper, her dog, sitting nearby. This made her suspicious.

There was no way for the pet mom to know for sure if her dog ate the ring. However, she had to find a way. Of course, Pepper would not talk. So, they headed to the Valley Farm Animal Hospital, whose staff immediately sprang into action upon hearing the story.

The hospital’s operations manager, Julia Van Draanen, said that the easiest way to know if the dog swallowed something metal is through radiograph. They did an X-ray, and when the result came out, they saw a ring-shaped metal inside Pepper’s stomach.


Missing engagement ring found in an unlikely place


After confirming that Pepper indeed swallowed her mom’s engagement ring, the hospital staff members came up with a plan on how to get it out. The priority was Pepper’s health and safety. There are four ways of doing it. However, since the ring was still in the stomach and hadn’t passed to the intestines yet, they decided to go for the easiest one.

The staff gave Pepper a dose of apomorphine, which is a vomit-inducing medication. Thankfully, within minutes, the medicine kicked in, and the ring came out of Pepper’s stomach. Knowing that her secret had been revealed, Pepper sat sheepishly on the operating table. But, of course, her mom immediately forgave her. After all, who wouldn’t be tempted with such a beautiful ring?

Mystery solved. Engagement ring found inside dog's tummy

The woman got her ring back and, fortunately, her dog was completely fine. The two of them went home together, and, most likely, the pet mom made a mental note not to put her engagement ring on her coffee table ever again.

Credit: Valley Farm Animal Hospital

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