Namsoon works out at a boxing gym to help anxiety

Dogs are really helpful in many places. There are those who assist at salons, stores, and other business establishments. The following story is about a particular dog that works at a boxing gym.

Namsoon has amazing reflexes and good footwork. Of course, that’s because she’s the gym mascot. She’s also a Golden Retriever.

Namsoon comes to the gym with her owner in the morning and leaves at the same time. She has a few tasks. She greets the members when they come in with a happy face and a wagging bushy tail. She greets anyone in this same manner, regardless of age and gender.

As you can imagine this dog gets a lot of treats if she does a good job. It’s a good thing she works at a boxing gym so she can put in a few training hours each day to work it off.

The gym mascot also keeps an eye on everyone as they train. It’s as if she’s monitoring their workout making sure they keep on task.

Sometimes Namsoon assists with sparring. Of course, people don’t try to punch her. She’s there to help them master their footwork. Since she is so light on her feet they have a hard time keeping up.

The reason why Namsoon always comes with her owner to the gym is because of her separation anxiety. She’s been abandoned twice. Ever since she was a puppy the boxing gym is where she finds peace.

Some dogs find comfort in a secure crate designed to keep anxious dogs calm and safe. Others, it seems, enjoy spending time helping others learn to box.

Namsoon also exercises a lot. She and her owner jog outside whenever the gym isn’t so busy. The aerobic exercise is a fitting activity for the gym’s mascot.

Namsoon’s owner doesn’t settle for ordinary food. He gives his dog a special diet that he prepares himself. The meal consists of regular dog food but with the addition of cabbage slices, cooked chicken, carrots, bell pepper, and apples. Sounds like a pretty good meal to me.

This dog has come a long way from her previous life. The gym is her sanctuary and safe space. The owner wants to keep it that way, so this will be the daily routine for a long time. Who knew the world of combat exercise would change a dog’s life? No one expected this.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animal via YouTube.

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