Dogswell surprises office with doggy day

According to statistics, work is the leading source of stress for people. That’s understandable, given that we’d much rather stay at home and cuddle with our dogs every day.

But, alas, work calls. And when we either don’t enjoy our job or face challenges day after day, we experience anxiety and stress.

It is quite clear that stress affects not only our mental capacity but also our physical health.

A dog food and supply company, Dogswell, intended to combat the issue of workplace stress in the most charming way imaginable. By putting dozens of well-trained dogs in a busy office!

The video you can find below demonstrates the method’s efficacy, as frowns were turned upside down in just a few seconds.

The dogs’ office visit was planned as a surprise. Employees in an undisclosed office were informed that a news crew will be interviewing them about work-related stress at their company. They were unaware that a van filled with warm cuddly dogs was on its way and that it was actually Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

As the canines were being brought into the building, a fake news crew was already at the office interviewing the employees. During the briefing, the elevator doors abruptly opened and dogs surged out. Another elevator opens, and more dogs emerge. The adorable dogs spread rapidly throughout the office as the employees smiled in excitement.

It didn’t take them long to approach the dogs. The room was quickly filled with laughter as the employees began to play with the dogs. Some give them a kiss and a hug, while others simply watched with delight as the dogs frolicked around them.

The event was a huge success – there is not a single stressed-out face visible in the room. Indeed, dogs are the best stress relievers.

Source: DogswellBrand

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