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A concerned individual sent an email to Hope For Paws about a pregnant stray Pit Bull. The organization’s volunteers JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick rushed to the location to rescue the pregnant canine after reading the details.

Hope For Paws is a helpful organization that rescues animals and its mission is to bring abandoned animals off dangerous streets and into permanent homes.

When they arrived there, they were quickly informed by a resident in the area that he had spotted the pregnant dog in the field that was next to his home. Indeed, the pregnant dog was there.

A pregnant dog is usually apprehensive or even scared of strangers and can be frequently violent when approached. Nonetheless, this grateful mother-to-be galloped toward her rescuers and greeted them with a cheerful demeanor. She also loved the wonderful snacks they had for her.

It was a fairly simple rescue, and they then named the pregnant dog Waffles. They quickly brought her to a veterinary hospital, where a vet examined her and then did an ultrasound to find out how far along she was in her pregnancy. Waffles actually gave them the loveliest smile while being examined, and it was as if she really knew that she was in good hands!

JoAnn chose to care for her until she is ready to bring her pups into the world. A few hours later on that very day, Waffles started labor.

One small puppy was soon seen emerging from Waffles. The momma dog cleaned the newborn puppy with her tongue and then gently removed the sac that had protected the pup in her womb. She then consumed the sac for the nutrients in it as she continued giving birth.

Waffles successfully gave birth to a grand total of six puppies. There were two girls and four boys.

The family was saved just in time, and they are currently doing well, thanks to the rescuers.

We are happy for you, Waffles! We hope you get the best homes soon!

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel


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