Blossom the rescue dog trembles in fear in her safe place

Maybe you’ve seen this video of Blossom’s amazing journey before but this is the first I have come across her so I wanted to share.

It is truly a wonderful story of loving perseverance from a guy by the name of Rocky Kanaka. And of course an inspiring transformation you’ll see Blossom make.

You see Blossom is a rescue dog. We don’t hear much about her background but we can imagine it was terrible. When Rocky saves her from a hoarding situation she is a shivering mess. Afraid of everything from people, to loud noises, to the water bowl, to even the sun. You name it she shakes with fear.


Blossom the rescue dog shows off her cartoon eyes


Rocky doesn’t give up though.

Even though Blossom hides for days sometimes in her secret hiding place under a table, Rocky coaxes her out into life.

He comes up with the genius idea of creating a special sanctuary for her in her hiding place. He removes the table she hides under and replaces it with a little bedroom for her. It becomes her safe place.

Once Blossom has her own safe haven she begins to come out of her shell. She begins to drink out of the community dog water bowl for the first time in six weeks. She even jumps up on the couch to sit next to Rocky for the first time ever!

Also a first she starts to welcome other rescue dogs that Rocky brings into his home. She checks them out without fear and makes them feel welcome in her home.

The really amazing thing you’ll see in the video around the 2:50 mark is truly heart warming. It took her 3 months of learning to understand love but she does it. She jumps for joy and runs around the yard wagging her tail with the utmost infectious happiness you’ll ever see.

Presumably for the first time in her three years of life Blossom is wagging her tail with glee.

Rocky’s hard work, understanding and perseverance pays off. Blossom is now ready for her forever home – she has truly lived up to her name. Blossom has blossomed.

Watch Blossom’s amazing journey in the video below:

If you haven’t met Rocky yet, he is building quite the following on his Youtube channel. He travels the United States raising awareness for homeless pets. He even has an Emmy nominated Netflix show called Save Our Shelter. You can follow his efforts on his Youtube show Dog’s Day Out.

Images and Video Source: The Dodo


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