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Army service canines are among the most courageous troops in our nation. They are always on the front lines and risk their lives every day in order to defend their fellow human soldiers from potentially lethal attacks by locating bombs and opponents. It is also usual for handlers and dogs to develop a close relationship that can only be characterized as true friendship.

When the canines are withdrawn from active duty, they are put available for adoption, and the soldiers who handled them have priority if they wish to adopt them.

Sergeant Tom Hanson was a K9 handler for the Army, and he worked with a dog named Taylor or Tay-Tay. As members of the bomb detection unit, Sergeant Hanson and Taylor have saved numerous lives because of their excellent partnership.

Taylor was so effective at her job that her adversaries placed a bounty on her head. During that time, Sergeant Hanson’s tour concluded, and he was required to return home. Taylor had to remain behind in order to continue serving our country. Sergeant Hanson was devastated and unsure if he would ever see Taylor again.

Sergeant Hanson kept himself updated about Taylor’s situation. He wished to adopt Taylor upon her retirement from the military. It was quite tough but it was surely a good thing that a woman named Molli Oliver made it feasible for Sergeant Hanson to realize his dream of adopting Taylor.

Adopting a retired military service dog is pretty expensive. Due to the expensive cost of adopting these dogs, the vast majority of handlers who wish to adopt their former war companions decide against doing so.

Sergeant Hanson was fortunate when he met Molli. Molli is a flight attendant with a passion for reconnecting retired military service canines with their previous handlers.

Molli feels that the dogs should be reunited with the individuals they served alongside during the war, and that the handlers should be the ones to adopt the dog they’ve grown to love and become friends with.

When the military retired Taylor, Molli paid for his adoption and gave him to Sergeant Hanson.

Sergeant Hanson was anxious while waiting for Taylor at the airport’s arrivals area. He was uncertain as to whether Taylor would still recognize him. However, as soon as Taylor entered the arrivals area, she spotted Sergeant Hanson and expressed a lot of enthusiasm.

After two years of waiting, Sergeant Hanson became pretty emotional and couldn’t believe he was finally reunited with his former war companion. Taylor now has a forever home to live in peace for the rest of her life. Sergeant Hanson was reunited with his former comrade and savior from the Afghanistan war.

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