This Pitbull and wild Squirrel are the Best of Friends

Pitbulls have often been given a bad rap by plenty of people, but the truth is, they are loving and very considerate of other animals. And this is what this pitbull named Everly has shown to all of us.

Everly is friends with a squirrel. It is not your usual friendship, but this pitbull and a squirrel are friends. This is not surprising, though, since Morgan Joy Groves, Everly’s fur mom, said that Everly has always been sweet and gentle and very friendly.

How did the friendship start? Well, Morgan took Everly out on one of their daily walks. Then they met a baby squirrel, which was alone. The squirrel took a fancy to Everly, so it followed them home. That was the start of their unlikely friendship.

While they were walking back home, Everly took a bit of a rest because she was already tired. Morgan was surprised when the little squirrel went on top of Everly and slept there.

Now, at home, Everly and the squirrel take naps together, and it is one of their favorite things to do. Everly’s cat sibling though, is not so keen on the squirrel.

Everly also liked grooming the little squirrel. She would also look after it to make sure that it was safe and that it was healthy.

Morgan loved taking photos of the two animals, and she shares these photos on her account on Instagram. She wanted to share her joy because this friendship was quite extraordinary. Many people followed the account and were happy seeing such a unique friendship.

Some people told Morgan about the squirrel’s nature that it was still a wild animal, so Morgan took those pieces of information and did research. Soon, she realized that the squirrel is just not suitable for a domestic setting. It broke their hearts, but they had to let the squirrel go. They took her to a wildlife center where it would be cared for and let back into the wild once ready.

Source: belleandbev

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