Court dogs help children in court feel safe

Most of the time, therapy dogs are used to help ease the anxieties and fears that people may be feeling. They are there to give some comfort and companionship when times are hard. This is all true when it comes to the therapy dogs you can see in the Oklahoma Courtrooms.

Volunteer dogs give comfort

At a courthouse at Tulsa, Oklahoma, they have taken to getting volunteer therapy dogs in order to help with children who have been victims of abuse and other crimes.

This is so that the kids would have someone with them when they testify in court. Oftentimes, these kinds of experiences can be very hard for the children and can be very traumatizing for them to face their abusers.

This is why the district attorney along with other victim advocates decided that they would enlist the help of our furry friends. They are there when the children have to appear in hearings. This is so that they will have someone by their side in case they may feel scared or sad.

These dogs also help to give them a sense of protection when they take up the stand. Talking about the horrible things that happened to them is bad enough but doing it alone can be terrifying. Having a therapy dog next to them has helped give them courage since they feel protected by their presence.

With the help of these adorable and friendly dogs, the children are able to face the defendants who did them wrong with lesser anxiety and fear. They are able to feel safe enough to tell everyone what has happened to them.

These dogs really make a difference in helping their case be heard and their defendants brought to justice. Because of this, there are several courthouses across America today that apply this same therapeutic technique in cases where children are involved.

Check out this video about the therapy dogs:

Source: Inside Edition | Youtube


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