What do you feed a puppy with parvo to make him feel better?

We recently discussed how dogs get parvo, but what do you do once your precious puppy has been diagnosed with this scary illness?

When treated properly and on time Parvovirus has a good survival rate, up to 90% with the care of a trained veterinarian. Most effective is a course of intravenous fluids to keep the dog hydrated. Adding anti-diarrheal and anti-nausea medication to keep all fluids and food in your dog where they can help keep his immune system strong is also important.

What Do You Feed Dogs With Parvo?

Plain white rice is good for upset doggy tummies
But once your puppy can keep food in without it coming back up again you are probably wondering what to feed a puppy with parvo once they can eat again.


You’ll want to start with bland foods like rice, boiled chicken, small bits of ground hamburger, and even cottage cheese. Unseasoned pureed pumpkin or sweet potato is also good for digestion. It is chock full of vitamins and minerals important for revitalizing lost nutrients.


You can also try meat flavored baby food (babies may not always like it but puppies love it) or blending some soft dog food in a blender with chicken broth or better yet homemade bone broth. Make sure you find baby food without garlic or onion powder as those are upsetting to dogs.

Supplement soft foods with pedialyte for extra nutrients.

If you can keep your dog calm and quiet it will help their digestion and keep the tummy from getting nauseous. Feeding them small amounts of food on a frequent basis will help them digest the food and keep it in.

How to Feed a Sick Puppy

If you are having a tough time getting your dog to eat from a bowl when he is sick you can try this neat trick. Load up a syringe with pureed dog food and gently squeeze little amounts into his mouth. You can see more in this video:

It may take a week or two of careful attention but soon your puppy should be able to eat small amounts of his regular food. Remember to start out small so he gets used to it again. Keep up any anti-nausea or antibiotics your vet has given you until the full course is given.

Also remember dogs can remain contagious for up to six weeks after recovery so keep him away from other dogs. Clean any bedding and surface areas thoroughly with a 1:10 ratio of bleach to water.

To be safe wait six months before introducing new puppies to your home after a parvo infection has passed.

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Note: This article is for informational intent only. If your dog is sick seek the advice of a trained veterinarian.


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