Homeless dog saved by caring woman

We hear so many stories about people saving dogs. It is normal for us to save dogs who are in need, especially for those of us who are dog lovers. But how far will one go to save a homeless dog? Let us meet Manhattan’s amazing woman.

Denise Lauffer is a 40-year-old woman who built a shelter for an old homeless dog whom she named Charlie. For her to gain Charlie’s trust, she spent two nights at Manhattan’s Highland Park in New York. Charlie had been lurking around the park all his life for 10 years.

Homeless dog saved by caring woman


Denise moved to New York with her four dogs. All of her dogs were once homeless. When she saw poor Charlie walking around the park without food and proper shelter, she made a plan to get Charlie to trust her.


She began leaving food for the homeless dog. As winter hit the city Denise’s fear began to grow. She knew that the cold and snow would only add to the poor old dog’s burden. So what she did was make a shelter for Charlie.

The shelter would surely keep Charlie warm as Denise lined the bottom of the bed with hand warmers. She had to stay with Charlie for two nights. Surprisingly some of the neighbors seemed to see her good intention and brought her blankets, hot water, and hot meals to show their sympathy.

Stray dog saved by loving woman

She successfully gained Charlie’s trust and was able to take him into the car and brought him to a veterinarian to get checked. He finally was able to sleep in a house of one of the neighbors who took care of him, for the first time in 10 years.

Now, Charlie is in good hands and in good condition. It’s not too late, after long years of being homeless, finally, Charlie felt how it is to have a home and a family.

Posted by Denise Lauffer on Saturday, February 7, 2015

Credit: Denise Lauffer on Facebook


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