Secret the Australian Shepherd does yogo like a pro. #dogtraining #yoga

This morning I was enjoying the feel of the warm sun streaming through the window. The warmth was all the more special and appreciated because the temp outside was still in the single digits. Not to mention the 7 foot piles of snow lining the driveway.

Despite the cold and snow I was safe and warm inside basking in the sunlight. It reminded me of a Bikram’s hot yoga class I had taken years ago. The intense heat a perfect accompaniment to the intense yoga workout.

As fate would have it this mornings Twitter feed showed to my amazement a beautiful Australian Shepherd by the name of Secret doing yoga of all things.


Perhaps you’ve run across this adorable couple – my_aussie_gal and Secret on Instagram. If not you’ll be as amazed as I was when you take a look at a few of their videos.

Secret the Australian Shepherd Learns Yoga
Watch the Video on Instagram: @my_aussie_gal

You see, and maybe you’ve experienced it first hand, there is a bond between Human and animal that goes beyond owner and pet. These two share such a bond.

Yoga can be such a spiritual activity all on its own but when you share it with someone you love it takes on a whole new level of connection.

Secret is a therapy dog so as you can imagine has undergone extensive training to be certified. But the level of understanding between Secret and my_aussie_gal shown here goes above and beyond a simple stay sit command.

Their amazing display of dog yoga looks like such fun and a wonderful way to connect with your dog on an even deeper level.

My favorite pose as you can imagine is the incredible dog hand stand balanced for a moment on my_aussie_gal’s hands. I think both of them are onto something. Perhaps you’ll see them both in a cirque du soleil performance in the future 🙂 Or maybe they should team up with Ranger the adorable dwarf German Shepherd for some cute yoga fun!

australian shepherd doing yoga on instagram
Watch the Video on Instagram @my_aussie_gal

What do you think, would you love to try dog yoga as much as we would? What pose would you try first?


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