Maru has a funny way of sleeping with stuffed animals

Dogs love toys. These range from the rubber ones they can chew on, to the stuffed toys they love to sleep with. No matter how many toys are given, there’s always that one toy that stands out for each dog. In the case of Maru, a Shiba Inu, that toy is a stuffed polar bear. To him, the bear is more than just a toy; it’s his ultimate sleeping companion.
Maru the Shibu Inu cuddles with his friends

The sleepy duo

Maru and his favorite toy have similar traits. Both of them have pointy ears, small button noses, and snuggly tummies. Aside from that, they also love to take a nap. It does not matter what time of day it is, or where they are, if Maru wants to take a nap, he will.

He does have one condition when it comes to taking naps: his favorite toy has to be beside him. He easily drifts off to la-la land when he is cuddling with his polar bear plushie. This went on until his owner noticed that they always have the same sleeping position.


The famous Shiba Inu

Maru’s owner runs a blog and an Instagram account where he frequently posts about the fluffy dog from Japan. Each post gets thousands of likes and shares because people find it hard to resist the cuteness. As of writing, his IG account has more than two million followers, making him the second most popular Instagrammer in Japan.


Sometimes people visit his account for their daily dose of cuteness. Others look at his photos because they feel better after seeing the nap time photos of Maru and the polar bear plushie. This made his human realize that the photos they post have a positive effect on people. With that came the effort of frequently uploading photos of the adorable duo.

Credits to Marutaro



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