Puppies are so cute when they behave, do not mess the house and show how loyal best friends they can be. There are some common mistakes though that dog owners commit which can spoil the fun in this awesome human and dog relationship. Read on.

Take him on car rides not only to the vet but also to the park to play, visit friends or grocery-shopping.

Instill in him that car rides are not only for vet visits to be vaccinated and investigated. Give him a treat for behaving in the car. Give him lots of praise after the car ride.

Many dogs hate being handled

One of the most sensitive parts of their body is their paw. Handle-train him by cleaning his paws or cutting his nails early on. It will make him feel comfortable with handling and give you less behavioral issues in the future.


Expose your puppy to different people, places and other animals as early as you can.

This prevents different kinds of anxiety and aggression.

Your puppy has to have a balanced diet of dog nutrition prescribed by the vet.


Do not allow him to hang around the dining table while you are eating with the family. If he is, do not feed him any scraps of food from your plate. Doing this will make him beg for food from different people at different places at the inappropriate time. What’s worse, this will make him start an unhealthy habit, result in indigestion issues and obesity.

Remember that your puppy’s behavior and performance depends on his training.

Have you been a good trainer to your pup? We all like to think we are but sometimes our desire to have the best trained puppy can backfire. Do not pressure him to learn everything overnight. We all want rush to implement all the cool tricks we learned on how to potty train a puppy as fast as possible but when you pressure him, you are stressed. And this stress is radiated toward him. The more stressed he is the less likely he will learn what you are trying to teach him. Be patient.

Dogs do not understand words unless trained. They understand body language.

And when he does not do something that you asked him to, it must be because he did not understand it or got confused. Spanking or hitting him won’t do the trick. He will just get more confused, scared and develop behavioral issues like resorting to aggression. Instead, give him rewards for behaving and shower him with praises to boost his confidence.

Dogs are social animals. It is in their nature.

Leaving your dog alone will cause behavioral problems and socialization issues. If you cannot be home for a while, at least play some of this relaxing music for dogs that can help keep him calm.

You can also ask a family member or colleague to drop by your dog every now and then to check on him. He needs to interact. Of course it is always best if someone comes over to feed him and allows him to do his toilet business – no one wants surprises when you get home.

Aside from this, his crate training is important especially when alone. He should have his own private space to run to and stay in when he wants to be alone and have his own zone.



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