It’s that time of the year where everything has to go picture-perfect. The moment of your lives where two souls will merge as one. It’s your wedding day!

From picking the best gown, choosing the flowers that will go in the floral bouquet and figuring out the seating arrangements of your guests, all have to be perfect.

As you plan who’s going to be included in the guest list you wonder, is it okay to have your dog participate in the ceremony?

You’ve seen the wedding day fails on Youtube and you don’t want anything crazy to happen at yours, but you’d really like your lovable little pup to be a part of the big day. What is the best way to include your dog in your wedding?

Here are a few suggestions.

Save the Date Photos

Lets face it dogs can behave differently around a big crowd. Especially when exposed to loud music, not-so sober guests and the chaos of the reception. Some are able to handle it pretty well while some may not stand for the situation at all.

If you want your dog to be included in the celebration of your special day, you can feature them on prenuptial photo shoots and save the dates invitations.

This way everyone will know just how important all your loved ones are to you not just the human ones.

Dress Them for the Occasion

You may ultimately decide not to have your dog be involved with the whole celebration. However, dress them up nonetheless. Taking photos of your dogs in a tux or in a dress will be a great reminder of how important they are in your life.

Let Them Walk the Aisle

This can be a risky or a tricky task. Before deciding to do this, consider the following factors. The shyness level of a dog. A dog’s tolerance of seeing and interacting with many unknown people. And if the dog needs somebody to guide him during the ceremony.

If you are confident enough that your dog is up to this challenge, seeing him walk the aisle will be a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

The Couple’s First Dance

If you simply cannot let your dog miss out on the festivities, you can have your dog dance with you during the first dance. This way, you can share a monumental memory that only the three of you share.

Just think about how many great photos you’ll get of the doggy dance that you will remember forever.

Practice Till It’s Perfect

When it’s decided that your dog will take a special role in your wedding day, let him practice it till he can handle it. Lead him throughout the venue or a similar setting that your wedding will take place. Let him become familiar with how busy a wedding day can be. If he’s going to be a ring bearer, let him practice his duties of bringing forth the ring and entertaining the crowd with his charm.

Before letting your dog take part on your wedding day, make sure that family members have heartily agreed that he is a part of the celebration. Also, inquire about the wedding venue if they allow pets or animals in their location. That way, you can bring your dog and not worry if they’ll be welcome.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. There is really no good reason your furry friends can’t be there as well. It just takes a bit of practice for him to be comfortable.


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