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There are certain dog breeds that are easily trainable and make a good choice for first time dog owners. If it is your first time owning a dog, it might be overwhelming for you to choose the right breed. But if you consider a few factors including your lifestyle and home environment, you should be able to come up with the best decision.

Adopting a dog is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a responsibility. You have to take care of your pet, feed him, potty train him and see to it that he gets the healthy lifestyle he deserves. Therefore, it certainly helps to choose the right breed that will fit you best.

If you have kids, you might want to think about their safety as well as that of your future pet. Some dog breeds work better with kids than others. If cleanliness is important to you, you might consider the breeds that don’t shed very often or drool too much.

Most importantly, you may also want to consider the easily trainable dog. A dog’s ability to follow commands like sit, stay, down and stand will depend on the owner’s consistency and dedication to follow the training sessions.

Not to mention learning how to potty train a puppy, one of the most key skills for any dog, can be hard in the best circumstances. picking a dog that is easily trainable makes this job much more bearable.

Read on to learn about the different dog breeds that fortunately are easier to train.

Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador is easy to train. This is because they are highly intelligent; they possess a cheerful disposition and friendly personality. Since they love and are constantly on the lookout to please their owners, they can be easily given commands and obedience training.

German Shepherds

Also called Alsatian, the German Shepherds are popular for their intelligence and courage. They provide companionship like no other. Shepherds are high energy dogs so need lots of attention and space to run.

Since Shepherds love to learn and keep busy they have a tendency to misbehave or get into things if they aren’t given enough attention. For this reason make sure you have the time to train them properly and give them lots and lots of exercise with indoor dog games and outside playtime.

Golden Retrievers

This canine breed is loyal and just like Labradors are eager to please their humans; hence they can be trained easily.


Poodles are a breed that originates from Germany and France. They are highly intelligent and can be taught interesting tricks as well as doggy manners. Because of their eagerness to please their owner they can make a great companion.

Poodles do not shed making them a good choice if you like to keep a clean home (and clothes). Because they don’t shed they are often times bred with other breeds. These mixes make great first time pets as well.

U.S. Cocker Spaniels

The U.S. Cocker Spaniels are smart and can be easily trained to follow commands and can perform different tasks. Therefore, training them is not that hard. Furthermore, they are also calm, cheerful and outgoing. Spaniels make fantastic pets when bred with the Poodle as well. Cockapoo’s can be wonderful fluffy fur balls of love.

Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are an aggressive bunch, but because they are intelligent they can be easily trained. Adding a series of tasks to your training sessions can help in containing aggression. They make the perfect guard dog and can be ferocious when it comes to dealing with intruders.

Early socializing can help a Doberman become friendly and stable. It is also advisable to let a Doberman grow up with kids so they will get used to the companionship.


Often times Rottweilers get a bad rap because some owners do not treat them or train them properly. For that reason families with kids are not recommended to adopt Rottweilers unless you know the dogs’ history. However, they can be easily trained to follow helpful commands.

The breed also wants to please their owners and can be extremely loyal. They do require daily physical activities to occupy them for health purposes. This breed is a really good choice if you like active dogs.

There are many types of dogs that are easily trainable if you take the time and have the patience to train them properly.

What type of dogs are you considering as your first pet?

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  1. We just got a puppy last month and I have to say he is the best dog I have ever had. I grew up with Dobermans and rottweilers and both are amazing dogs with bad reputations, but I agree very train-able. Our new guy is an Aussiedoodle and he is amazing. Huge, but amazing!


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