Corgis are adorable little fluffballs, and this breed enjoys unrivaled popularity. They’re small, but they serve up positive vibes in huge doses, and it’s addicting.

This Corgi named Milton is one puppy we could spend hours looking at. He’s the only pet in this household, so it’s a given he’s pampered and loved.

Milton also enjoys spending his time looking out over the wonderful views around the condo where he lives. This little guy’s so fortunate, and he doesn’t even know it.

Sure, he’s aware that he has his mom’s love, but we doubt he understands anything more than that. It’s one of the reasons dogs can maintain their pure nature, and we’re digging it.

On this day, mom decided to showcase the many ways we can hold our corgis lovingly. Milton, of course, was included in the demonstration, and it’s just about the cutest sight you’ll ever see.

First up is a common one. Holding corgis like a baby is a no-brainer, and we’ve carried our pets in the same way too. Dogs love this, especially when they’re but mere puppies.

The next one’s holding them over our shoulders, just like how we would carry sacks. This is definitely the best way to showcase those cute corgi ears, and Milton rocked the look.

The third one requires more effort on the human side. It starts with holding corgis under their front paws and carrying them like that. The result is a stretched-out corgi, and it’s just cute!

The last one’s our personal favorite. It’s the best when we carry our corgi, and they hug us back. In our opinion, this is the most enjoyable one of them all.

These are just the common ways we show our love for our pets, and vice versa. To Milton, may you enjoy many more light moments with your mom, and don’t forget to share those clips with us!

Credits to Milton The Corgi via YouTube

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